Volume presentation

Palazzo Carpegna

Vernacular sonnets of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli

by Michael Sullivan

During the event "New books at the National Academy of San Luca" presentation of the book Vernacular Sìsonnets of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, translated by Michael Sullivan, published by Books Limited London, brief introduction by Guido Strazza and Marcello Teodonio; introduces and coordinates Francesco Moschini; presented by Riccardo Duranti, Franco Onorati, Cosma Siani, Michael Sullivan will participate. Unpublished and undercover during the life of the author, the 2279 roman Sonnets of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli received a rare International "baptism" in Rome, thanks to Gogol ', who went to Rome it in the spring of 1837, and was able to hear some sonnets from the voice the poet, in the living room of Princess Zenaide Wolkonskaia, whom Belli visited several times.