Palazzo Carpegna

Study center Mafai-RaphaŽl

Presentation of the Study Centre Mafai-RaphaŽl. Introduced by Francesco Moschini and coordinated by Raffaella De Pasquale, discussion with Miriam, Simone and Giulia Mafai, Giuseppe Appella, Lorenza Trucchi. During the presentation of the Study Centre Mafai-RaphaŽl and of its website in the Sala del Consiglio, is set up an exhibition of drawings, which explores, illustrates and summarizes the work of the two artists. The Study Centre Mafai-Raphael, which was founded by the families of the two artists, promotes researches and studies on the work of these two masters who have left their mark in the history of Italian art of the twentieth century, also due to their bonds with the most interesting European artistic movements